Chemical Seals & Accessories

Very wide choice of materials and coatings:

Stainless steel, Monel 400, Hastelloy, Uranus, Tantalum, Titanium

Can be mounted on to with pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches

Measuring ranges: -1 … 0 bar (-30Hg … 0 psi) to 0 … 1000 bar (0 … 14500 psi)

Fluid Temperature: -60°C … 400°C (-76°F … 752°F)

Mounting on DIN, ISO or ANSI flanges

Hygienic applications:

3A certification, compliant with FDA and EHEDG directives

Chemical seChemical sealsals

D040, D041 series

Compact chemical seals with threaded connection

• D05x, 1060 and 1080 series

Single-unit screw-in chemical seals with flush diaphragm, monoblock


• D100, D200, D300 and 1030 series

Diaphragm chemical seals with threaded connection

• DAxx, 1010 and 1100 series

Diaphragm chemical seals for hygienic applications with DIN, SMS,

CLAMP, VARIVENT® connections,…

Versions with 3A certification

• 1005 series: for homogenizers

• 1500/1510 series: Tongue separator

• 1520/1530/1540, 1600 series

Pipe separator, 1620 series with 3A certification

• D400, D600 and D800 series

Diaphragm chemical seals with flange, nozzle or cell design

• D900 series


Diaphragm chemical seal for mounting on pressure and differential

pressure transmitters via capillary, fluid temperature range

between -40 and 400°C.

Measuring ranges between 25 mbar and 100 bar.


• Pressure limiters

• Round securing flanges and flanges for temperature sensors

• Dome cocks and needle valves

• 2, 3 or 5 way manifolds

• Dampening connections, siphons, capillaries, nuts and nozzles

• Thermowells : welded, bored or flanged for temperature instruments.

Accessories for hygienic applications

• CombiConnect

System of 3A-certified interchangeable hydraulic connections for

mounting different types of measuring transducers (e.g. FlexBar®,

CombiTemp®, ED701)

• InLinePipe

System for welding directly in an existing pipe, 3A-certified

Available in DN38/51/63.5/76.1 and 101.6 with one or

two DN38 connections