Insulating materials / Engineering plastics


High-pressure composite materials are structural materials which consist of 2 components – a reinforcement material and a thermosetting resin system . The tow components are cured under pressure at a high temperature into the finished composite material.
The reinforcement material can be paper, polyester fabric, cotton fabric, glass fabric or glass fiber matting. Reinforcement materials such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber or hybrid materials can also be used.
Resin systems can be based on phenol, melamine, silicone, epoxy, polyester or polyimide.
In the first phase of production, the reinforcement material is impregnated with the selected resin system. The result is an impregnated material, a prepreg. Upon curing under high temperature and high pressure, the individual layers of prepreg are bonded together into a rigid and homogeneous structural material.
Reinforcement materials and resin systems can be combined individually. In this manner materials can be constructed with very specific properties, making it attractive to select high-pressure composite materials in preference to other structural materials.
From their original application as insulating materials in electro technical designs, modern composites have spread to a large number of other industries, including the transport and aerospace industries.
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