HRC Fuses

Depending on Safdar Sasani’s long experience in this field, We manufacture Low Loss HRC Fuse System based on the Know How, and with complete Production Line and Testing Equipment bought from “AEG” Germany.

This fusing system complies with International Electrical Commission (IEC) 269 – 2 and German Standard VOE 0660.

The dimensions to DIN 43620 are closely kept, so that our types will surely fit all other systems.

They have delayed characteristics in the following scatter ranges:

gL in accordance with VOE 0636

gl in accordance with IEC 269-2

gT in accordance with VOE 0660


Our HRC fuse links are selected in ratio 1 :2 with all fuse links which fulfil IEC 269-2 class of operation gl and ratio 1:1.6 with all fuses which fulfil VOE 0636 class of operation gL irrespectively of the system.

They are selective in ratio 1:1.25 with each other even under very high SHORT-CIRCUIT.

Internal loss and temperature rise

Due to inferior-self-resistance, internal loss and temperature rise under normal load can be neglected. Even under Over Load during several hours, working temperature remains within the allowed limits. The Low Self Resistance allows to expose the

fuse to 20% Over Load permanently without deterioration


The indicator on the top plate clearly indicates the switching condition. It reliably operates at voltages from 6V upwards. The Fuse Body consists of:

– Special “STEATITE”, particularly resistant to alternating temperature.

– Contact Blades, Top, and Bottom Plates all Silver Plated.


Uniform, good quality, and adherence of special technical characteristics, are guaranteed by 100% measurement during assembly and daily routine and random checks in our own, and in neutral testing stations and laboratories in accordance with the said standards absolutely under “AEG” instructions.

Structure of LV HRC system

The LV HRC system consists of the fuse link, fuse base, fuse gear, and universal operating handle, dimensioned for nominal voltage of 500, or 660 V AC.

LV HRC links 660 V and 500 V AC for line protection

Nominal Current and Time/ Current Ranges: Our HRC Fuse Links are manufactured in 7 sizes:

00-C      from  4   to  100  A  Current Rating

00                    4        160

0                      6        160

1                    80        250

2                  125        400

3                  315        630

4                  800      1000

Make/ Break Capacities are as follows:

At 660 V. AC

60 KA for fuses in sizes 00, up to and including 3, at all rating currents up to 100A, At 500 VAC / 440 VDC

100 KA for fuses in sizes 00, up to and including 4, at all rating currents.

Basic Insulation Level Ui: 660 VAC, IGr. D current limiting, non aging

Standard Design = Tropical Climate = Seagoing Pattern

Standard Packing:

Sizes 00 to 3: 3 pcs / pack

 Size 4          : l pc / pack

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