Cable Accessories

Cable Joint:

For jointing single and three core polymeric or paper insulated cables to be laid in air or directly buried. the heat-shrinkable joints tested to IEC and VDE standards, fulfill requirements such as easy and reliable installation , accommodation of cables of different cross-sections and long term performance.

Cable Termination :

The heat-shrinkable terminations were developed for use in indoor metal-enclosed terminal boxes and outdoor where they are exposed to weather and solar radiation. The termination kits suitable for XPLE and paper insulated cables , are providing :

– Electric esters control for the cable insulation screen

– Appropriate creep age distance between conductor and earth

– Sealing of cable and against ingress of moisture

– Protection of cable insulation from ultraviolet light

Main Components And Accessories :

Designed for very easy assembly , the termination kit suitable for single and three core armored or unarmored XPLE and paper cables basic components as :

– Protective tubing

– Stress control tube

– Break-out

– Rain shed

– Insulating boots


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